Become a Host Contacts
Become a Host Contacts

Why Thousands of Clients Trust Us

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    We ensure full financial security for the deals that are carried out on our website. In case a host does not fulfill his obligations, our company guarantees full refund for our clients. Besides, in a prompt manner we will help you find an alternative housing.

  • 3-D Secure Support

    Modern payment systems are tending to increase the transaction security and protect their clients in case their credit cards have been lost or stolen. One of the options is to confirm the payment with cardholder's mobile phone. We remain up-to-date with the evolving technologies, that is why our website supports this secure system.

Data Security

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

    The system of payment gateway, that carries out money transfers from our client's cards to the accounts in our acquiring bank, has passed the certification test. That confirms the complete security of payment transfer and storage of cardholder's data. This test is carried out by professional audit companies. License number: ID14022014.

    Personal Data Encryption

    All personal data, passwords etc. are stored in an encrypted form. All the information is restricted and not available for our company employees, including web-developers!

  • SSL Data Transmission Security

    Thanks to the fact that we use the encrypted data transmission protocol, you can use our website, including typing your personal information and payment data, being 100% sure that this information can not be intercepted even in public networks! All information is securely encrypted both on your devices and on our server machines.

    No Storing of Your Payment Information

    Credit card data is not stored in our system. It passes directly to the payment gateway for transaction processing using secure data transfer protocols. In our turn, we only receive a report on the withdrawals of a required sum. This excludes personal data thefts even in case of possible hacker attacks.

European Acquiring Bank with Financial Guarantees

Due to the fact that acquiring banks are personally responsible for activities of their contractors, when concluding a contract for virtual POS-terminal connection, the bank security department carries out a thorough inspection of the company and all its owners and officials, which even includes inspection of public utility bills! This ensures that all our owners have never participated in any kinds of quasi-legal business schemes. So, rest assured, 'we have been weighed in the balances and found reliable'!

Motivation for Hosts

  • Reviews

    Using the review system, we motivate hosts to be the most loyal towards the clients of our website. Everyone knows that good reviews today mean a large number of successful deals tomorrow!

  • Ranking

    Based on user ratings, we rank the priority of search results. So first you see the offers from those hosts who quickly respond to clients' requests, have good ratio of positive reviews, and offer the most attractive prices.

  • Control

    Unfortunately, every business, especially in service industry, may have problems with clients. However, our client service support tries to resolve every problem and minimize the consequences. In some critical cases we can even completely block the accounts of unreliable hosts and ban every possibility of their re-registration on our website.

Tour Operator in Bulgaria

  • Official Registration in the Eurozone

    Our company is officially registered in Bulgaria. All company services are carried out on legal ground. All company owners are registered in the public register of Bulgaria, and they are absolutely responsible for the services provided by their company.

  • Tour Operator License in Bulgaria

    To get a tour operator license in Bulgaria is a time-consuming, long, and expensive procedure. It entails additional inspections, but significantly expands the future opportunities of our company. It also shows to our clients that we have serious intentions!

Company's Requisites

  • Legal address:

    Sunny Beach Plaza business-center of. 2,3, Sunny Beach 8240, Nesebar, Nesebar Municipality, Burgas Province, Bulgaria

  • De facto Address:

    Sunny Beach Plaza business-center of. 2,3, Sunny Beach 8240, Nesebar, Nesebar Municipality, Burgas Province, Bulgaria

  • Postal address:

    Sunny Beach Plaza business-center of. 2,3, Sunny Beach 8240, Nesebar, Nesebar Municipality, Burgas Province, Bulgaria

  • Address in Russia:

    d.4a Simferopolsky bulvar, Moscow

  • UIC of the company:


  • Bank account:

    BG53STSA93000022743987 EUR

  • Bank name:


  • BIC:


  • SWIFT:


  • Bank address:

    11 Han Krum Str., Nessebar, Bulgaria

Company's License

Download a copy

Rest assured, we appreciate all our clients, and we are working to make this website the most convenient and secure!

We are always ready to read your comments and your offers. Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your mails, and rest assured, we will reply to them!