Become a Host Contacts
Become a Host Contacts

Cancellation Policies

1. Standard

  • If the Guest refuses a paid reservation, established by the Owner of a non-refundable Deposit would not be returned.
  • If the Guest refuses a paid reservation, where the advance payment exceeds the amount of non-refundable Deposit, the difference is refunded to the Guest.
  • If the Owner agrees to prepay, which is less than earlier non-refundable Deposit, the amount of the prepayment and becomes a non-refundable Deposit on the reservation!

Prepaid – the amount of the first payment which must be made directly on the website. Usually it equals the amount of non-refundable Deposit. If necessary it can be changed in the big or smaller party.

a non-refundable Deposit - the amount that is not refunded to the Guest in case of unilateral cancellation from his side.

If one of the parties makes a claim, it is necessary to inform support V. P. U. T. within 24 hours of arrival.

2. Long-term

When renting for 6 months or more.

  • Deposit for the first 45 days are not refundable.
  • If the Guest decides to leave before the stipulated period, he is obliged to pay 30 days following the date of refusal or until the end of the original period of stay, if the remaining term is shorter than 30 days.