Become a Host Contacts
Become a Host Contacts



Working in Bulgarian property market, we noticed a large increase in rent offers from hosts. The prices for such objects could often be cut in a half in comparison with similar offers from local hotels. There were no convenient online tools for rent at that time. Besides, most of the tourists from all over the world had a distorted picture of Bulgarian service and did not know what kinds of holidays they could have in this country. We decided to create the project that would help you not only rent a suitable housing, but also arrange your own vacation.

Initially, we wanted to create the most convenient tool for housing search based on a great range of criteria. Did we succeed here? It is up to you to decide. But the most important for us is still your financial security. And yes, we succeeded here in our efforts! Our transaction system is made the way that does not leave any chance to unfair and ill-minded hosts. That is why you do not need to worry about bad hosts at all. Just choose an apartment and rent it! In fact, you have to worry — not to gain in weight during your vacation. After all, with a great variety of restaurants and delicious cuisine it would be an extremely difficult task!



In the near future, we are going to add more features that will make our website even more convenient and attractive.


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Furthermore, we will give rewards to the authors of the most interesting ideas!

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